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IGSC Scholarship Examination improves the general knowledge of school children and trains them in the lifelong process of acquiring and updating it. It familiarizes them with the basic tenets of various future competitive exams like medical and engineering entrance, Indian Civil Service, Bank Recruitment, Defense Service etc. It gives them the necessary exposure to various types of intelligence and aptitude tests and tests of creativity and E.Q. It creates environmental concern and ecological insight in school children.

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IGSC, the Institute of General Studies for Children, is conducting Scholarship Examinations for schoolchildren successfully since the year 1993. It is a nonprofit venture promoted by a group of elite educationalists, Kochi, India. More than 55,000 school children from all over India had been presented with scholarships and useful books in the last 19 years of its fruitful existence. Other activities of IGSC include seminars, study tours and painting, essay and speech competitions to create environmental concern and ecological awareness in school children.

IGSC Scholarship


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Entries for the IGSC Scholarship Exam are open in the month of July every year and close towards the last week of August. The Scholarship exam is being conducted at various centers in India in the month of December. Results are usually announced in the month of February. The first three ranks are being given scholarship money, well crafted personalized well medals and a large number of scholarships for other toppers, useful books for runner-ups and CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE to all candidates will be distributed subsequently


The scholarship money amounts to Rs.10,000/-, Rs.5000/- and Rs. 2500/- for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank holders respectively in the last exam in each class / group. The net worth of scholarship including that for the other toppers earmarked for the last year is Rs.11,1000/- and the books for presentation among the runner-ups cover a value of Rs.2,22,500/- barring the institutional discount factor on bulk purchases.


The School Authorities may write or email us for free prospectus and application format. Collective entries strictly through educational institutions only are accepted and registered. Sorry, individual entries direct from students or parents will not be accepted and registered.

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International Day of Forests was observed for the first time on March 21, 2013. It was established by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2012. It is scheduled to be held each year on the 21st day of March. The occasion is intended to be one of the world's leading global platforms for people with an interest in forests and climate change to share their views and work together. It is to ensure that the forests are suitably incorporated into any future climate change mitigation and adaption strategies.

March 21

International Day of Forests