With 29 Cubs, tigress sets new Penchmark

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Seoni (MP) : A 13 year – old tigress from Madhya Pradesh’s Pench Tiger Reserve, popularly known as ‘Collar Wali’ has given birth to four cubs, making her the mother of 29 cubs born in different litters over the last ten years and which forest officials feel could be a rare record.
On Sunday, tourists spotted the Royal Bengali tigress ‘T-15’ with four cubs in Pench, field director Vikram Singh Parihar said confirming the births. The tigress made headlines in April 2017 after expanding her litters by giving birth to four cubs.
Asked whether Collar wali has now become the world’s first tigress to have given birth to so many cubs, Parihar said he has not come across such a feline and was verifying if this is true.
Parihar said this was Collarwali’s eighth litter. “(Earlier) it had given birth to 25 cubs in seven litters.” he said, adding that 21 of the 25 cubs born to her are currently wandering in the reserve.
“The tigress is very beautiful. Its eyes and walk sway everyone. It has now given birth at the age of 14. Which itself is the most pleasant surprise,” he said, pointing to the 14-15 year average lifespan of tigers.
“Collarwali looks young, and going by her beauty and robust health, she might set another record by living beyond 20. Look at the feline, it seems she might survive 22 years!” Parihar said.
The tigress was born in September 2005, he said citing official data.


Courtesy : Times of India

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